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Author: Children from the Spinifex writing Camp with Chris Aitken
Illustrator: Children from the Spinifex writing Camp with Ann James
Publisher: The Indigenous Literacy Foundation. 


Hello, Hello

SKU: 364215376135197
  • A family is walking home on a very dark night. It’s hard to see clearly what is that shadow? And what is that noise?
    Turn the pages of this intriguing and atmospheric book and join the family as they discover what the dark night is hiding.

    Hello, Hello was written and illustrated by students from Laverton, Menzies and Tjuntjuntjara remote community schools at the third Spinifex Camp, sponsored by the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. The students were joined by ILF ambassador and award-winning illustrator Ann James and singer/songwriter Chris Aitken, and together they have produced a book that will intrigue, surprise and delight readers of all ages.

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